Amanda Pelkey



My love for hockey began the first time I strapped on my brother's rollerblades at three years old. From that point on, I was hooked. Our dad built a hockey rink for us in the front yard where I spent countless hours skating. Each day after school, I would race home to skate until it was time for hockey practice.  After practice, I’d be back outside on the rink until my parents said it was time for bed. I would skate with my older brother and his friends any chance I had. They taught me how to play strong and hold my own on the ice. My passion for hockey started at a young age simply through the love I had for the sport.

I grew up playing on the Barre Blades, our local youth hockey team; but as soon as I reached high school, I was no longer allowed to play on the boys team. I spent my summers playing for the Vermont Stars, a female only youth league in Vermont. As I reached my teen years, I realized I could turn my love for hockey into a career and began playing more seriously during high school. I decided to go to NAHA, an all girls hockey academy in Stowe, VT to further my skills and prepare for college. After high school, I attended the University of Vermont where I represented the UVM Catamounts for four years.  The state of Vermont has given me many amazing opportunities and I am thankful for the continuous support I have received from my home state.



It has taken consistent discipline and determination to reach this point in my career.  Starting at a young age, I've had to make many sacrifices in order to pursue my dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.  Whether it was not going to a party in high school or missing out on a family vacation because of training camp, I've always tried to make the best decisions to get me closer to my goals.

However, my parents are the ones who have sacrificed the most for my hockey career.  I've witnessed the struggles they have gone through to make sure they could support me in every way. They have always given me the best opportunities to succeed, and have never forced me into playing for a specific team or pushed me to train with certain people.  They have simply supported me and I am extremely thankful for how much time and effort they dedicate to my career. Their sacrifices have truly been one of the biggest reasons for my success, and I will forever be grateful for their continuous support.  The success of my career has been a family achievement. 




Achieving success is dependent on the decisions you make every day. The first trainer to push me beyond my comfort zone was Chris Pickel at First In Fitness in Berlin, VT. He prepared me for the first USA Hockey National training camp I attended when I was 14 in Rochester, NY. The following year I made the U18 Women's National Team.  Each time I participated in a USA Hockey event my desire to reach the next level grew stronger.  However, there are no shortcuts to reach the top and there are many obstacles you have to overcome to get there.  My journey began with a dream to make the Olympic hockey team, and starting at a young age I dedicated my time to accomplishing that goal. 

Since college, I have moved to Boston, MA and started playing professionally for the Boston Pride of the NWHL. I made the decision to quit my job and have completely invested my time into furthering my USA and Olympic hockey career.  Many people ask what steps I have taken to get to this point in my career, and I believe it goes far beyond getting on the ice and going to the gym.  Every day is a new opportunity to become a better athlete.  Invest time into improving yourself and your dreams will be within reach.